For students, getting the first foot on the career ladder can be difficult when they lack hands-on work experience.

Our internship programme provides international students with internships in London and Hertfordshire in a variety of sectors. From IT and administration, to customer service and retail, to not-for-profits and charities, students can gain work experience in London in professional environments that allow them to develop new skills.



Students benefit from taking part in the Internship Programme in many ways, including:

  • Having the chance to use their English language skills and further enhance them
  • Gaining a stronger understanding of British culture and workplaces
  • Developing new skills that can be added to their CV
  • Networking opportunities as they meet a range of new professional people

Internship placements are for a minimum of four weeks and can include full or half-board accommodation. To find out more about our London internship programme, get in touch with Home & Away Student Services today.



When students take part in our internship programme, we provide Homestay accommodation in London zones 2 – 5. Students will have good access to transport links that allow them to easily commute to their internship.

Students stay with a friendly and welcoming host family who help them feel at home in London and offer guidance on how to improve their English language skills further.